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This site is dedicated to knowledge sharing to help others learn. I love learning, and I learn by looking "under the hood" to truly understand how things work.

I'm a software developer with a primary focus on web development. The innovative tech industry is fast-changing, and it's very important for developers to keep up with new technology. We are constantly learning new things every day. However, what I found is that oftentimes, as we try to absorb new knowledge as fast as we can, we tend to gloss over the fundamental concepts. Take the web development framework as an example. As developers, we often focus on learning "how to use" the framework to build an application instead of learning "how and why it works" the way it does. But why should we care, you may ask? It's because once you understand how and why it works the way it does underneath all those layers of abstraction, you spend less time debugging and more time building high-quality applications. And this doesn't just apply to software development. Once you understand how and why something works the way it does, you have the power to change it for the better.

So, if this interests you, stick around and I hope that you learn something useful from my content.